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How's The Ghost? [2009-10]

How's The Ghost? was a touring series of videos, installations, stories and talks about the history of showpeople in Scotland - a collaboration with artist 
Mitch Miller.

How’s the Ghost? explores the community that many encounter only in fleeting, sugar-fuelled moments as they queue for the Waltzers or are mesmerised by the deft work of the candyfloss weaver.


Writer, historian and showman, Mitch Miller, and multimedia artist Chris Dooks have joined forces to create work responding to the dynamic and illusive traditions of the fairground.


Capturing charged moments, vibrant colours and the engaging faces of the people who occupy this world, Chris Dooks' gently worn footage, and haunting music evoke a supernatural quality both in their depiction of travelling shows and the towns visited in the 1950s.

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