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Stations of The Lost is a story-cycle, artists audiobook, self-guided tour, installation and publication as part of Edinburgh's Art Walk Porty Festival.

Full audio content is available on the bandcamp
Using conversations in a period of research with elderly residents of Portobello, I collected stories which I then fictionalised along with a few observational pieces of my own. This content was used for the audiobooks, alongside a series of recordings with the residents of Portobello. The latter was used for several sound installations and online resources.

There were multiple local venues for these soundworks. A local cafe/bar played a special mix of 24/7 soundbites of local residents set to music, a church played a haunting, randomised and unpredictable sound installation where tiny snippets of speech echoed throughout the space and a plinth was designed for the local library to present a cloth-bound book and I gave a talk on the works. 

The works were narrated by screenwriter
Colin McClaren 


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