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Project OO

Project OO is a collaboration between myself and Martin Boulton, director of electronic music label Touched Music. Touched Music are prominent in the field of fund-raising via electronic music projects mainly for cancer charities.

In the case of Project OO, Touched took on the job of creating a hugely ambitious five-CD compilation album to raise essential funds for my daughter Oona ('Oo') who doesn't have cancer but an undiagnosed condition that requires physio, house adaptations, and various therapies that are not always provided in the UK's NHS system.

We raised a sizeable chunk of money from the downloads and CD profits which has been used to engage a one-to-one specialist physiotherapist in Edinburgh over at least a year's engagement.

The genesis of the record was also very creative as Oona (aged 8) had created a sample pack of her harp, her voice, and some recorded adventures on holiday to creatives to unpack, sample and create with. Aritsts like...

808 State, The Future Sound of London, Scanner, Plaid, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and 53 more!

You can here the whole release here and a special mix from Ninjatune's DJ Food here

Type / Artwork by Noah M / Keep Adding and photography from myself

Overall package design from Grid Pattern

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