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Tiny Geographies [2013]

This is a ‘modular’ feature film, commissioned by The Barn in Banchory, Aberdeenshire, and was part of The Year of Natural Scotland in 2013.


It is ‘modular’ in the sense that it is presented in six chapters that were broken up for installations in Zagreb, Greyfriars Edinburgh and similar locations, but it could also be screened as an 80 minute feature.


The central idea was to meditate on how diverse a landscape one could source from the smallest geographical footprint.

It is also a study of the cadences and rhythms of language on a tour of the Highlands, loosely following the footsteps of Scottish ethnographer Hamish Henderson. I didn’t want to make a straight documentary, so the resulting work was made with sound first and photographic montages were made for the soundtrack.

Above: Tiny Geographies Trailer
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